Working for Healthy, Safe, Durable, Energy Efficient Housing for Canadians since 2004
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What stakeholders say

"CPBH has helped me immensely by knowing that I am not alone. And I appreciate its efforts immensely."

John Dixon,

"Thank You CPBH, the assistance you have provided us and our neighbours to navigate through the arduous process of dealing with our Municipality, Builder and Tarion has been invaluable."

Ontario Homeowner

"CPBH's work is important because most organizations are focused on builders and not consumers."

Claude Martel,
Gatineau, Quebec

"...CPBH and the many Canadian families it speaks for have made important and lasting changes that will make the home building industry more accountable..."

Industry leader

“CPBH’s support and guidance are critical to help homeowners navigate a system stacked against the homeowner who did nothing wrong but to buy a home from a Tarion-approved builder. CPBH’s support and dedication made a huge impact on our lives during this very difficult time.”

Tracy Wheeler,
St. Andrews, Ontario

"I want to…salute a volunteer organization, Canadians for Properly Built Homes. They have done tremendous work in exposing the need to reform Tarion. They have given a voice to those homeowners so poorly treated by Tarion..."

MPP Steve Clark,
Deputy Leader of the PC Party of Ontario

"...I commend... Canadians for Properly Built Homes for your diligence in supporting safety codes for construction..."

Minister Danielle Larivee,
Alberta Minister of Municipal Affairs

"CPBH's work is important because there is no one else in Canada demanding that the building code be enforced so people get a safe and healthy house to live in – which is what they paid for."

Lynn O., Ontario

"CPBH’s work is important because new home buyers, who cannot always be completely knowledgeable about complex legislation, contract language, building codes and physical structures, need advocates to challenge governments and to hold to account an industry that has not demonstrated the level of integrity we expect of those we entrust to build a safe, healthy and durable home for our loved ones."

Ray Smith, Ontario

“For new home purchasers facing construction defects, CPBH has been a champion in fighting for legislative change and providing advocacy for such individuals… volunteer work has helped countless families by providing direct assistance and support in facing their builder and having their warranty honoured.”

Tom Rakocevic,
NDP MPP - Humber River-Black Creek

"You....have built a public service legacy that is enduring and full of hope...."

Ontario Homeowners