Toronto Star, Letters to the Editor, Published Mar. 22, 2007

Home program needs ombudsman - opinion - Home program needs ombudsman
March 22, 2007

Advocacy group dissatisfied with Tarion Column, March 17.

I'm disappointed that Government Services Minister Gerry Phillips does not yet seem to appreciate that serious problems exist with the construction industry and that he is not considering making changes to Tarion's mandate in order to add more protection for consumers.

Karen Somerville of Canadians for Properly Built Homes suggests extending the mandate of Ontario's ombudsman to include the home warranty program. Her recommendations would provide a solid foundation for consumer protection.

Claude Y. Martel, Ottawa


New homeowners fight losing battle - opinion - New homeowners fight losing battle
March 22, 2007

Advocacy group dissatisfied with Tarion

Column, March 17.

The common experience for new homeowners is a resounding anger against the contractors that built their home. Take them to court? I wouldn't consider it for reasons too extensive to bring up at this time.

How are the tragic stories of unhappy new homeowners being suppressed? Who is looking out for the consumer against builders' associations? Why are engineering reports by homeowners of little value in disputes? Why is there a "code of silence" among the building tradesmen and decent builders about substandard materials and substandard labour?

The provincial government must establish an independent consumer protection agency for new homeowners.

Nillo Piccinin, Tecumseh, Ont.