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OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Mar. 17, 2006 Canadians for Properly Built Homes (CPBH) wholeheartedly agrees with the concept of improving energy efficiency of homes/buildings through the building code. As well, CPBH strongly supports any changes to the building code that removes disincentives to green building technologies.  However, CPBH is encouraging the Ontario government to scrap its current proposals relating to improving energy efficiencies in homes/buildings, as they will have a negligible impact on energy efficiencies.  Instead, CPBH is encouraging the Ontario government to begin this process to improve energy efficiencies in buildings again, using the following guiding principles for the new process:

  • The house/building must be considered as a system;
  • In addition to issues such as insulation levels and the thermal performance of windows, critical factors such as air leakage and ventilation must form part of this initiative;
  • There must be an appropriate balance among affordability, health1, durability and energy efficiency;
  • Affordability must include both the initial purchase price of the home/building, and the ongoing operating costs, i.e., in the short term, the medium term, and the long term;
  • Labeling should relate to energy performance of the home/building, and not a specific component such as insulation, and should utilize existing processes such as EnerGuide; and
  • The building code amendments should include renovations as well as newly built homes/buildings.

In a Dec. 2005 survey conducted for the Conservation Council of Ontario of 956 Ontarians, 80% of respondents indicated that they “totally supported” or “strongly supported” upgrading the building code to ensure that the energy efficiency in buildings is higher than the current standards.  Given this survey response, and the current energy crisis, as well as serious climate change issues, CPBH is strongly encouraging the Ontario government to make this new process to revise the building code an immediate high priority.

Finally, CPBH advised the Ontario government of the commitment it received from the Conservative Party of Canada prior to the Jan. 2006 federal election.  This commitment included the following statement:  “…The Conservative Party of Canada believes that all homes built in Canada should be structurally sound and safe for their residents. The Federal Government does have a role to play in ensuring that homes built in Canada meet certain standards though the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes. A Conservative government will enforce these standards and work with the provincial governments to ensure that all homes are safe, healthy, durable and energy efficient….”  The full response from the Conservative Party of Canada may be found at:    http://www.canadiansforproperlybuilthomes.com/html/elections/conservative.html


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Canadians for Properly Built Homes (CPBH) is a national, not for profit corporation dedicated to healthy, safe, durable, energy efficient residential housing for Canadians, and is the only organization of its kind in Canada. Working for consumer awareness and protection, CPBH is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and is supported by a volunteer Advisory Council of industry experts and other key stakeholders. CPBH has supporters in different parts of Canada, is undertaking projects at the municipal, provincial and federal level and offers a variety of ways for Canadians to get involved.

Visit www.canadiansforproperlybuilthomes.com .
For further information, media may contact: Connie Cochran, (613) 831-1871
E-mail: media@canadiansforproperlybuilthomes.com

1 According to the Health Canada web-site: “..The number of complaints related to indoor air quality has increased with the trend toward more tightly sealed buildings and energy conservation measures that recirculate building air and reduce the amount of outside air supply…”

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