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Dr. Peter Silverman

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Dr. Peter Silverman

Retired Journalist and former Consumer Ombudsman

Originally, Peter set his sights on being an academic and completed his doctorate in British Naval History at the U of T. He was an exchange Junior Lecturer at the University of Cape Town and enjoyed teaching but the call of journalism prevailed. Nevertheless, he has published extensively in academic journals as well as newspapers and the popular press. His books include Who Speaks For The Children and Voices Of A Lost Generation, both of which concern the state of child protection and welfare in Canada.

Peter began his award-winning television career at Global where his work on CODE 10-78 was widely viewed and appreciated; he then joined City TV where he became the consumer Ombudsman on the news segment, Silverman Helps.

His work in journalism has been acclaimed, and he has been given a number of prestigious awards for journalism including, for example, the E. R. Morrow Award for Excellence. Peter was appointed to the Order of Ontario and recently received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to the community.  He has worked on many projects in the Developing World ranging from refurbishing a hospital in Rwanda, to housing in lndia, to a bridge in Ethiopia. He also served with the Airborne Royal Engineers.

Peter is also an experienced board member having served on the boards of several NGOs including Habitat for Humanity, Save a Child’s Heart, lsrael, and the Shimon Peres Centre for Peace in the Middle East. In addition, he has many years of experience as a condominium board member—first in Toronto, and more recently in Cobourg, Ontario. Although he is now retired, he continues to consult and write. His articles have most recently been published in THE LEGION magazine.