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Where it all began for Ontario

1976: Ontario Government passes legislation creating a non-profit corporation responsible for new home warranties and builder regulation – an action without precedent in Ontario consumer protection

The thoughts of a University of Toronto Law Professor on this development appeared in the Globe and Mail:


Nov. 4, 2019 National Observer Glave These building rules  Could be our Climate Solution

Oct 16, 2019 CBC Advocate Slams Tarion Salaries Call for Cap

July 18, 2019, CBC News, Laura Osman — Why your new home may come with a dirty, used furnace

July 8, 2019, REMonline  – Climate change and the Real Estate Industry

July 18, 2019, Press Progress – Doug Ford is quietly planning over 100 million in cuts to housing and rent support programs https://pressprogressca/doug-ford-is-quietly-planning-over-100-million-in-cuts-to-housing-and-rent-support-programs/?fbclid=IwAR0Jg05K25kz8HIIDLxQJQd4hXdqaCP9-NX_Xp0M4D5AIsEdl-ISeZZVQFk

July 13, 2019, CTV News – City of Winnipeg suspends 3 employees accused of slacking on the job

June 29, 2019, CBC News – ‘Developers control city hall,’ city councillor charges

June 28, 2019, CTV News – Ontario family buys dream home to find it’s infested with toxic mould

June 23, 2019, CBC News – Safety put ‘in jeopardy’ by some companies shoring up shaky homes, industry complaint alleges

June 18, 2019, Global News – Elderly Alberta couple says dream home is now a nightmare to live in

June 18, 2019, Ottawa Citizen – NRC invests in floating homes research as part of flood mitigation strategy

June 13, 2019, Global News – 15 units evacuated at downtown condo building due to structural issue

June 12, 2019, CBC News – These Cree Students are bu8ilding homes for their elders – while earning school credits at the same time

June 6, 2019, Media Group –Developer clears legal hurdle to build Vaughan condos on same site as its cancelled Icona project

June 10, 2019, Ottawa Citizen – Way behind: September tornado victims still waiting for insurance settlements to rebuild

June 7, 2019, Ottawa Citizen – Tornado victims sue insurance company: ‘This is an integrity issue’

June 6, 2019, CBC News – 9 months later, Dunrobin tornado victims still can move back home

June 4, 2019, CTV News – Insurance headaches after September’s tornado

June 3, 2019, Huffington Post – Ottawa Tornado Tears off Roofs, Topples Trees in Suburb

May 30, 2019, – Here’s the truth about those $7,000 tiny houses for sale on Amazon

May 29, 2019, Canadian Real Estate Magazine – Manitoba’s housing regulation badly need an overhaul report finds

May 27, 2019, The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO – Ontario’s leaky sewer problem

May 27, 2019, The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO – When houses float instead of flood

May 21, 2019, CBC News –   Dishwasher that came with house catches fire, and owner lears it was subject of Whirlpool class action

May 13, 2019, Toronto Sun – Captijn: Protect consumers from shoddy builders

May 9, 2019, Real Estate Professional — $5 billion laundered through B.C. real estate in 2018–real-estate-in-2018-257228.aspx?utm_source=Pinpointe&utm_medium=20190509&utm_campaign=REP-Breaking&utm_content=0DD9D8DA-BF25-449A-9CC3-E531ABFBB4BE&tu=0DD9D8DA-BF25-449A-9CC3-E531ABFBB4BE&fbclid=IwAR0hTi2BwnBeGCz2sKczdH408QYhFJ_ZDVkFgxAWE8Nqjsfy8-AuFvvyntk

May 9, 2019, CBC News – City hikes fees for developers, closes loophole

May 8, 2019, CBC News – Engineer banned from working in B.C. after Surrey tower fails to meet building code

May 4, 2019, CBC News – Who are the winners – and losers – in the Ford government’s new housing supply plan?

May 2, 2019, Toronto Star – Province restores omb rules for development disputes

May 2, 2019, CTV News – Health Canada warns mould is a serious concern in floor-hit homes

April 30, 2019, Global News – Bracebridge, Ont. residents frantically sandbag as flood waters threaten homes, cottages

April 29, 2019, CBC News – 2,000 military personnel supporting volunteers in Ontario, Quebec, N.B flood zones

April 29, 2019, Global News – First Nations leaders call for action as Kashechewan grapples with annual flooding

April 28, 2019, Ottawa Citizen – As flood fatigue sets in, psychologist warns mental health impact can be severe

April 23, 2019, CTV News – O’Regan says ‘jurisdictional issue’’ delaying poison treatment facility for Grassy Narrows

April 23, 2019, CTV News Montreal – Home owners in flood zones could get up to $200,000 to move: Legault

April 21, 2019, – Insurance company won’t cover Falmouth, N.S., house ruined by sinkhole

April 19, 2019, CBC News – 18 in hospital after deck collapses during pre-wedding celebration in Langley, B.C.

April 19, 2019, CTV News – It’s been 16 years, and these homeowners will never get their deposit back

April 14, 2019, CTV News – Northern Ontario First Nation could face ‘catastrophic flooding’: MP

April 19, 2019, Toronto Star – Step condos joins growing list of cancelled Toronto projects

April 11, 2019, CBC News – ‘We’re living in a war zone’: Crews tear down Surrey mobile park with seniors still living there

April 6, 2019, Hamilton Spectator – How do you stop developers from cancelling condos? Buyers, lawyers and builders weigh in

April 5, 2019, CTV News – O’Regan says none of $12.8M for Cat Lake housing will go to consultant fee

April 3, 2019, Ottawa Citizen – Aubry and company: Canada’s no longer a leader in effective housing policy

April 5, 2019, Toronto Star – Ottawa pledges $1.3 billion for Toronto Community Housing repairs

April 4, 2019, CBC News – Consultant says he’s owed $1.2M for helping First Nation obtain emergency housing cash from Ottawa

April 2, 2019, CBC News – Insurance costs soar at tornado-battered condo

March 30, 2019, Toronto Star – The builder of these 17 million modern houses repurposed 98 per cent of the home they replaced

March 29, 2019, Task & Purpose – Private housing companies are forcing military families into silence if they want their problems addressed

March 28, 2019, CBC News – Homes on remote First Nations are mouldy before they’re even built, experts say 

March 25, 2019, CBC News – Man still paying off ‘predatory’ contracts his father signed with HVAC company funded by big financial lender

March 21, 2019, Toronto Star – Dirty money is driving up Toronto real estate prices report says

March 21, 2019, CBC News – 6 months after tornado, Gatineau neighbourhood remains a ghost town

March 19, 2019, Toronto Star – Danforth condo cancelled by developer

March 2019, CBC News Toronto: Ontario contractors say shortage of skilled labour slowing growth of companies

March 2019, BC GOV News: Code changes create jobs, opportunities in B.C forest communities

March 2019, Less time to escape: New homes burn up to 4 times faster than 1976Globe_Mail-ProfessorZiegel June 2 2015 Toronto Star Couple fights Tarion for home warranty Rosemanolder homes.

March 2019, CBC News Manitoba: Manitoba scraps legislation that would have made home warranties mandatory

February 2019, Western investor: Mass-timber, modular homes aim to fill a housing need

CTV News Ottawa Video: Homeowner warns of hidden damage to home from Tornado

February 2019, CBC News Ottawa: Coach home builder leaves customers in the lurch

February 2019, The Globe and Mail: Canadian, U.S regulators asleep at the switch as monopolies thrive

February 2019, CBC News Calgary: Leaky condo owners wonder: Where’s the accountability?

February 2019, The Star Halifax: In the wake of deadly Halifax blaze, fire professionals call for sprinklers in all new homes

February 2019, National Observer: Doug Ford shuts service that helps Ontario citizens fight wealthy developers

February 2019, CBC News Thunder Bay: Federal government, Cat Lake First Nation reach agreement to repair, replace substandard housing

February 2019, CBC News Thunder Bay: ‘She lived on a hill of mould’: Family raises concerns after Cat Lake First Nation woman’s death

February 2019, The Star: Province says it will fix ‘broken’ new home warranty program, may open Tarion up to competition

February 2019, Ontario NDP: New home buyers deserve better than vague promises to improve consumer protection: NDP MPP–jl2uq0

February 2019, CTC News: Liberals promise $638M for urban Indigenous housing

February 2019, Roof collapses near Lively due to heavy snow

February 2019, CBC News Calgary: Calgary condo owners, facing millions in repair bills, find out their builder isn’t who they thought it was

February 2019, CBC News Indigenous: ‘Nothing has been done ‘to save remote First Nation from mould, leaders complain

February 2019, CTV News: ‘I trusted them’: Tiny homes-maker accused of scamming customers of hundreds of thousands

February 2019, CBC News Toronto: Falling glass shuts down area near downtown tower

February 2019, Newer houses burn faster than older homes

February 2019, CBC News Indigenous: Widespread mould causing ‘health disaster’ in remote First Nation, MP says

January 2019, Fox News: Former Olympic hockey player says radon caused stage 4 lung cancer

January 2019, CBC News Ottawa: Fresh funding for Gatineau groups providing long-term tornado relief

January 2019, The Star: Developer behind cancelled Icona condos applies to build similar project on the same site

January 2019, The Hamilton Spectator: Burlington reaches $2-million settlement with condo owners

January 2019, CBC News Nova Scotia: There’s $97M waiting for homeowners with Kitec plumbing. Why don’t they claim it?

January 2017, Home inspector ordered to pay $18,645 to buyer


Toronto Star, Dec 14, 2018: McGibbon project officially cancelled due to ‘circumstances beyond our control,’ developer says

CBC News: Dec 05, 2018: Ontario safety agency failing to do its job properly, says auditor general Lysyk said the province is falling short in its oversight of the Technical Standards and Safety Authority

CBC News Ottawa, August 22, 2018: Cardinal Creek homeowners locked in battle with builder: Mould, cracks, leaks, mice among new homebuyers’ complaints

Canadian Contractor, November 28, 2018: When it comes to building codes, we get what we tolerate Casey Edge questions Canada’s building code review process

November 28, 2018, CTV News: British Columbia invests in 1,100 new homes for Indigenous residents

CBC News, Nov 22, 2018: Igloolik children covered in sores because of black mould in public housing unit: Nunavut gov’t has spent $12M to date inspecting hundreds of houses in the territory

Nov 17, 2018, The Guardian: Is there a crisis of quality in new-build homes? Is there a crisis of quality in new-build homes?

Nov 12, 2018, The Hamilton Spectator: Don’t kill the College of Trades Abolition would be a mistake and disrespectful of employment potential, writes Tim Armstrong

Nov 9, 2018, Ottawa Sun: Almost a hundred Gatineau families are still homeless in the wake of the tornado

CBC News Ottawa, Mar 8, 2018, video: Advocate on Homeowner Stress: Karen Somerville, president of Canadians for Properly Built Homes, describes what she’s seen.

Ottawa Sun, Nov 7, 2018:  The only elevator in this 10-storey apartment building hasn’t worked since

CBC News, Mar 23, 2018: Health Canada rejects claim that new radon gas standards put Canadians at risk Canadian Home Builders’ Association warns of ‘severe and immediate health problems … even death’

CBC News, Oct 28, 2018: Quebecers indifferent to dangers of radon, need to protect their homes, expert warns

The radioactive gas is a leading cause of lung cancer, yet few willing to take its dangers seriously

The Globe and Mail, Oct 19, 2018: For some, buying a presale condo is a gamble

CBC News, Oct 1, 2018: Asbestos found in storm-damaged Gatineau building Rain that came with Sept. 21 storms would have hindered its spread h ttps://

Toronto Star, Sept 27, 2018:This condo developer collected millions in deposits — and hasn’t built anything

Global News, Sept 11, 2018: This small metal bracket could mitigate tornado damage

Toronto Star, Sept 19, 2018: Condo buyers call for better protections as second major Vaughan condo project killed

CTV News, Sept 19, 2018: A new condominium development in the City of Vaughan has been cancelled, leaving more than 1000 buyers in limbo

CBC News Ottawa, Sept 19, 2018: Developers holding fundraiser for councillor on planning committee

CBC News, Sept 18, 2018: More inspectors needed to meet demand, building chief says

September 12, 2018, NBC News – Brad Pitt built dozens of homes in New Orleans after Katrina. Now they’re falling apart and residents are suing.

Ottawa Citizen, Sept 5, 2018: Ottawa’s desperately short of building inspectors after deciding to cut fees rather than hire building inspectors

CBC News, Aug 24, 2018: “It was just very shocking”: Faulty pipes cause headache for Toronto condo owner

CBC News Ottawa, Aug 22, 2018: Cardinal Creek homeowners locked in battle with builder: Mould, cracks, leaks, mice among homebuyers’ complaints

CBC News, Aug 23, 2018: Tips on how to buy a newly built home: Homebuyers can’t rely on inspections or warranties, argues Karen Somerville

CTV News, Vancouver, Aug 3, 2018: Police investigating pre-sale development; condo buyers out hundreds of thousands

CBC News, Edmonton, July 11, 2018: Six months before move-in date, condo developer backs away from Edmonton Tower project

July 1, 2018, Chek News, Victoria, BC – Passing on home inspection turns into nightmare for Nanaimo family–14kPqfdP2IYoXZdRAit0TGADR53E

Toronto Sun, July 6, 2018: City auditor general “raising the alarm” over fire inspections

CHEK News, British Columbia, July 1, 2018: Passing on home inspection turns into a nightmare for Nanaimo family “This house is ruining our lives”

CBC News, Edmonton, May 23, 2018: Alberta becomes 1st province to allow wireless electricity control in new homes

CBC News, Manitoba, May 30, 2018: SkyCity condo buyers suing to get deposits back

Evening Standard, London, UK, April 17, 2018: Leaked Grenfell dossier reveals how disastrous refurbishment turned tower into a ‘tinderbox’

Ottawa Citizen, May 9, 2018: Landlord demolishing more homes in Heron Gate, displacing 105 residents

Ottawa Citizen, May 7, 2018: Ottawa buyer frustrated by 15-month delay in condo move-in date

Real Estate Professional Magazine, May 4, 2018: CMHC made $1.8 billion from mortgage operations in 2017

CBC News, April 29, 2018: Fired up: Why Ottawa’s deputy fire chief wants builders to use less flammable materials “These floors burn through in as little as six minutes from direct exposure to a fire.”

Ottawa Citizen, April 13, 2018: Shortage of building inspectors leaves city at risk for flawed houses

Ottawa Citizen, April 18, 2018: Editorial Page, Today’s Letters – Scroll down the page to find Homeowners left to fend for themselves, by Dr. Karen Somerville

March 21, 2018, Kingston Whig Standard – Home inspection licensing: Final consultations are done


December, 2017 The Star: Justice of the Peace slams Toronto Community Housing for latest fire code violation

CTV Windsor: Renovation Hell

December 2017, Ottawa Citizen: Black mould drives teams out of Kanata fire station

December 2017, Financial Post: Regulatory overkill is driving Canada’s biggest homebuilder south

December 2017, Business Insider Inc.: Home prices in Canada falling, and some homeowners could be in serious trouble

December 2017, CTV News: Ontario offering thousands in rebates for energy-efficient home renovations

October 2017, The Star: HVAC problems?

December 2017, CBC News: Affordable housing provides build Canada’s greenest apartments

November 2017, Reuters: Special Report: Canada regulator ignored warnings on risky mortgage investments

November 2017, Bracebridge Examiner: Purchasers of Bracebridge high school condo units may be reimbursed

January 2017, CBC News: Manitoba home warranty act hits another delay, won’t come into effect until 2020

CTV News Toronto: Four condo elevators fail in 49 story building: repeated problems since the building opened

November 2017, Global News: Exclusive: Port Hope homeowners in the dark about dangerously high levels of lead on their property

May 2017, GLobal News: Mattamy Homes, City of Markham under fire over new home occupancy

November 2017, CBC Radio: ‘Absolutely Historic’: Federal government launches ‘human rights-based’ housing strategy

November 2017, The Tyee: Federal Housing Policy ‘Step in the Right Direction,’ says Horgan

November 2017, The Tyee: Federal Government Back with Big Dollars for Housing

November 2017, CBC News: Ottawa to build 100,000 new affordable units, recognize housing as ‘fundamental right’

November 2017, Financial Post: Tighter building codes are Ottawa’s next climate target – and it could cost homeowners up to $35,000

November 2017, The Star: Cancellation leaves buyers of pre-constructions condos prices out of market

November 2017, CBC News: Hundreds of Toronto condo buyers lose homes after development fails

November 2017, Canadian Real Estate Wealth: This could cut 70m from cost of Ontario homes

November 2017, WHIG STANDARD: Licensing home inspectors in Ontario, the final leg

October 2017, Northern Ontario Business: Proposed bill would legalize 14-storey wood buildings

October 2017, CTV News Kitchener: Tarion to give more protection to new homebuyers’ deposits

August 2017, CityNews: Video: Residents demand repairs at Downsview development fraught with problems

October 2017, Canadian underwriter: Ontario government pledges ‘further study’ on insurance-type products covering new home warranties

October 2017, Global News: Alberta introduces rules around sale, deposits on new and converted condos

October 2017, CBC News: Why tiny homes could become a big thing in Nova Scotia

October 2017, Vancouver Sun: B.C real estate watchdog issues public alert as Langley condo development ordered into receivership

October 2017, The Star: Province to fast-track settlement of Tarion home warranty claims

September 2017, Western Investor: Construction worker shortage drives up residential development costs

July 9, 2017, Global News — Is there too much radon in your home? Only 6 per cent of Canadians test for dangerous gas

September 2017, Ottawa Sun: Impossible to have an ombudsman to police industry, homebuilders say

September 2017, Markets insider: Great Gulf & Westmount Guarantee Services Inc. – first in Ontario to offer extra deposit protection at no cost to new home buyers

August 2017, The REMI NETWORK: Tarion coverage for condo conversions anticipated in 2018

August 2017, CTV Vancouver: Woodward’s building concrete crumbling: $1M lawsuit

2017, The Star: Downsview Park’s enormous potential is being squandered: Hume

August 2017, Mississauga News: Luxury Lakeview townhome development cancelled, buyers frustrated

August 2017, Jail time and $50K in fines for illegal work in Milton homes$50k-in-fines-for-illegal-work-in-milton-homes-19833?fbclid=IwAR0lIjU4I5ZDH6tDI0Vd6utY0Ek1E5HVfeywTJaik7VG3YH8kPwc1jpWJqo

July 2017, The Globe and Mail: Ontario’s new energy-efficient rules could save homeowners money in the long run

July 2017, CBC News: Falling glass from King Street East building closes portion of sidewalk, road

July 2017, CBC News: ‘There was no clue’: Woman certain radon found in basement caused her lung cancer

May 2017, New home buyers want answers after builder cancels sales in Georgina

July 2017, Is there too much radon in your home? Only 6 percent of Canadians test for dangerous gas

May 2017, World Economic Forum: 8 ways the construction industry can rebuild itself for the 21st century

June 2017, CBC News: Is developer-sponsored golf tourney a hazard for councillors, or par for the course?

Ottawa Citizen, June 8, 2017: City hall’s planning boss heads out, celebrated by developers

Ottawa Citizen, June 13, 2017: Jan Harder spits fire at Jeff Leiper over chief planner’s retirement party: “Next time…shut it!”

June 2017, CTV News Toronto: Mayor Tory asks fire chief to conduct review in wake of London fire

June 2017, The Star: Death toll from on-reserve fires rises to 175 after death of First Nations elder

June 2017, Global News: Vancouver renter warns about shoddy condo construction

June 2017, Global News: Mattamy homeowners furious with builder

June 2017, CBC News: Robert Wood not guilty on Elliot Lake mall collapse trial

May 2017, Canadian Real Estate Wealth: 1 in 4 homebuyers had issues after purchase says insurer

May 2017, energy vanguard: Building enclosures control freaks still needed

May 2017, CTV News Toronto: Stretch of Bay Street reopens in Yorkville after glass fell from Four Seasons

May 2017, CBC News Toronto: Elevator mishap reports reveal litany of misery, injury and frustration

May 2017, CBC News: ‘Rebuild better:’ Justin Trudeau says Canada must brace for more devastation from climate change

March 2017, CBC News Toronto: Real estate lawyers say new regulator will better protect buyers

April 2017, Windsor Star: Nightmares as home buyers skip inspections in hot market

April 2017, CBC News Manitoba: Owners of condos with structural problems question city’s role in approving building plans

April 2017, CBC News Manitoba: Engineer disciplined over condos with structural issues but public not informed

April 2017, CBC News Ottawa: New bill regulating Ontario home inspectors lauded by industry as ‘terrific’ news

April 2017, Macleans: Inside the taming of CMHC

April 2017, 680 News Video: Action being taken on forced occupancy

April 2017, CBC News Toronto: CBC News Toronto: Dreams of homeowners dashed but Urbancorp buyers in court seeking damages

March 2017, TVO, The agenda: Protecting Ontario’s New Home Buyers

April 2017, CBC News Toronto: More than 200 condo buyers may lose homes after development fails

April 2017, Global News: Construction of new homes in Canada hits highest level in nearly a decade

March 2017, ABC News: Leaking buildings, mould and court battles: the dark side of the apartment boom

March 2017, CBC News Ottawa: ‘Never buy new’: Real estate expert warns of pitfalls of buying unbuilt condos

March 2017, The Star: Ex-Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum jailed for one year for corruption

March 2017, Financial Post: Ontario to set up new regulator for homebuilders after conflict of interest concerns under old regime

April 2017, The Globe and Mail: Ontario to replace Tarion with new regulator for home builders

March 2017, The Star: A sensible solution to Ontario’s elevator problem: Editorial

March 2017, CBC News Toronto: Son is back to couch surfing a mom’s after condo buy goes south

March 2017, CTV News BC: Beware of mould in Vancouver’s hot condo market

February 2017, The Hamilton Spectator: ‘Band Aid’ settlement reached in Burlington condo lawsuit–band-aid-settlement-reached-in-burlington-condo-lawsuit/?fbclid=iwar1pjyqjaiz1ksdpky_nbpr-3gr26euhtgnayy1adnigmkgyq-athfqm1j8#.WLpzoWLQQTc.facebook

February 2017, Global News Exclusive: Building codes across Canada to be updated to reflect climate change

February 2017, CBC News Manitoba: ‘Why did we buy this place?’: Condo owners want developer to fix problems in new build

February 2017, The Star: $2 million in water damage not covered by insurance

CTV News Video: Toronto home buyers foregoing inspection in hot real estate market

January 2017, Macleans: How a real estate developer’s efforts to silence a critic failed

January 2017, Toronto Life Magazine: Screwed


Jan. 7, 2016 Cdn Press – Saskatchewan’s Big River First Nation – Tiny Home for Homeless

Jan. 11, 2016 Global – BC couple says home warranty insurance offers little protection

Jan. 11, 2016 Law Times – Tarion home warranty review is long overdue

Jan. 2016 Windsor ON News – Tarion review “long time coming”

Feb. 1, 2016 Cdn Press – First Nations housing called “ticking time bomb” in Manitoba

Feb. 19, 2016 CBC – Developer sold Ajax homes 5 years ago, hid reason for building delay

Mar. 12, 2016 Toronto Sun – Bizarre ban at PEO


February 21, 2015 – Shine the Light on Tarion
April, 2, 2015 Reuters, Financial Post Insurers pushed away by concerns over shoddy condos in Canada
July 31, 2015 Tri-City News, BC, Letter to the Editor by CPBH Advisor John Grasty attachment.
Aug. 19, 2015 Noor Javed, Toronto Star: Legal battle pushing Vaughan, ON homeowner into poverty
Aug. 26, 2015 Noor Javed, Toronto Star: Vaughan, ON family facing poverty – CPBH facilitated opening of bank account for this family – Please donate!
June 2, 2015 – Couple fights Tarion for Home Warranty
Sept. 24, 2015 National Post Homeowner’s Kafka-esque legal battle with builder and warranty agency
October 13, 2014 – Shoddy Toronto condos
Oct. 27, 2015 The NY Times – Article that includes reference to approx. 2,000 homes near Quebec City with foundations that are falling apart, which have bankrupted some homeowners
Nov. 5, 2015 Toronto Star – Retired judge to probe homebuyer complaints on Tarion
Nov. 5, 2015 Law Times – Ontario appoints advisor to review Tarion
Nov. 9, 2015 Toronto Star -We need more protection for home buyers: Roseman
Nov. 28, 2015 CBC White Collar Crime – Many homeowners who purchased homes with construction defects and were unable to get their problems resolved feel that they have been victims of white collar crime
Nov. 28, 2015 Toronto Sun – Review of Tarion Long Overdue
Dec 14, 2015 – Shoddy construction in Halifax
Dec. 2, 2015 CBC – Inspect your home inspector


Jan. 29,2014 by Bruce Edwards, Calgary Herald: Alberta’s mandatory home warranty legislation finally takes effect Feb. 1.
April 12, 2014 – Leaky condos in Vancouver
April 18, 2014 – CTV News: Shingles blowing off roofs in Kanata neighbourhood
June 20, 2014 by Ellen Roseman, Toronto Star: Tarion needs more accountability: Roseman
June 27, 2014 Toronto Star letter to the editor: Make Tarion’s ‘case study’ public
Aug. 26, 2014 by Tara Deschamps, Toronto Star: Lawyer charged with failing to return $15 million in condo deposits

Sept. 12, 2014 by Bill Mah, Edmonton Journal:  Owners ordered to demolish condemned Fort McMurray condos

Sept. 19, 2014 by Craig Pearson, Windsor Star: Who’s responsible for newer home problems

Sept. 22, 2014 by Susan Pigg, Toronto Star:  Condo developer hit with $29 million class-action suit

Sept. 22, 2014 by Ellen Roseman, Toronto Star:  Home inspectors don’t catch all problems: Roseman

Sept. 26, 2014 by Susan Pigg, Toronto Star: The lawyer who is taking on Toronto’s condo developers
Oct. 13, 2014, Andrea Hopkins, Reuters: Canada condo boom rolls on as buildings fall apart
Dec. 4, 2014, Cindy Stephen, Calgary Herald:  Condo property act to bring legislation up to date (and dovetails with the New Home Buyer Protection Act, meant to provide a package of legislation protecting home buyers)


Mar. 12, 2013, CBC – Winnipeg family blames 2 builders for house problems
Mar. 13, 2013, CBC – Manitoba’s new home warranty plan is weak, some say
Apr. 15, 2013 – CBC – Manitoba homeowner upset with warranty of new home
Apr. 16, 2013 – Toronto Star – Ontario government failing condo owners
June 12, 2013 – Toronto Star – Ontario must do more to protect buyers of new homes
June 23, 2013 – Ottawa Citizen – City spent $2.2M on sinking homes built over sewer
July 6, 2013 – Toronto Star – Star Investigation:  Homebuyers not getting full picture from protector Tarion
July 8, 2013 – Toronto Star – Star gets action: Minister to work with Tarion over builders’ housing records
July 15, 2013 – Toronto Star – MPPs from all parties would back value-for-money audit of Tarion
July 24, 2013 – CBC – Stucco leaves Ottawa homeowners stuck with repair bills
July 29, 2013 – Enterprise-Bulletin Dream home a nightmare for couple
Aug. 28, 2013 – Toronto Star – MPP Randy Hillier petition calling for auditor general review of Tarion
Fall 2013 – Toronto Star – Letters to the Editor – Homeowner views on Tarion, Minister MacCharles, justice and more
Oct. 24, 2013 – CBC – Don’t give up, says Winnipeg homeowner after fight with builder
Nov. 06, 2013, Adam Martin-Robbins, Vaughan Citizen:  Vaughan family driven from home ups lawsuit to $2M


July 2012 – Toronto Life – The rush to build Toronto’s new condos has resulted in falling
glass, disgruntled buyers and multi-million-dollar lawsuits. An investigation into who’s to blame, by Philip Preville.

Mar. 1, 2012 – Toronto Star – Energy efficiency device remains in limbo
Mar. 3, 2012 – CTV’s W5:  Seeking answers for home heating woes
September 10, 2012 – Condo owner’s problem with leaky condo

Oct. 25, 2012 – Global News – Alberta government introduces mandatory warranty protection for new home buyers. Municipal Affairs Minister claims that Alberta now has the strongest home warranty protection in all of Canada.
Dec. 5, 2012 – The Intelligencer (Belleville, ON) – Government enabled Tarion


Feb. 4, 2011 Edmonton Journal, Too much delay on building code
March 16, 2011 – Lawsuit against city of Vancouver for condos and its problems

Mar. 24, 2011 – Edmonton Journal – Seven Fort McMurray condo complexes condemned, Residents will not be able to pick up belongings

Mar. 31, 2011 – Edmonton Journal – Fort McMurray condo complex has not been officially condemned, condo board making claim, but only municipality has authority to issue designation

April 30, 2011 – Vancouver Sun – With CASH gone, BC homeowners lose a strong voice, provincial group gone, but national voice remains

May 22, 2011 – Calgary Herald – Condo owners need their own advocacy group
June 28, 2011 – Shoddy construction in Calgary condos
July 15, 2011 – Poorly built condos in Alberta
Aug. 14, 2011 – Ottawa Citizen – Basic rights at risk, chief justice warns

Aug. 28, 2011 – Toronto Star – Windows fall from Montreal high-rise as Irene targets Canada

Nov. 9, 2011 – CBC British Columbia – Homebuyer with huge bill not told about old leak

Nov. 19, 2011 – Moneyville – Roseman:  Heating and cooling systems can fail in new homes
November 28, 2011 – First Nations housing

December 3, 2011- Stop building junk on reserves

Dec. 5, 2011 – Moneyville – Roseman, New home warranty plan draws reader ire


June 3, 2010 – CBC – Ontario home warranty may get more oversight
June 3, 2010 – Ontario home warranty may get oversight from the Ombudsman of Ontario
June 23, 2010 – Ottawa, ON – Auditor says City of Ottawa used unqualified building inspectors
July 19, 2010 – British Columbia – Leaky Condo crisis continues
Aug. 15, 2010, Edmonton Journal – Alberta fears hike in home prices.  Report urging tougher standards for builders gathers dust: critics
Aug. 19, 2010 – Alberta promises action on shoddy building practices
Sept. 23, 2010 – Alberta, Leaky homes anger buyers
Nov. 16, 2010 – British Columbia – BC couple hit with structural repairs says warranty company didn’t protect them
Nov. 24, 2010 – Supreme Court of Canada backs B.C. leaky-condo owners
Dec. 13, 2010 Journal of Commerce, Vancouver builders were slow to accept rainscreen wallsystems, expert says


Jan 12, 2008, Dream home a nightmare (the Bryden’s Story), by Andrew Thomson, Ottawa Citizen
Jan. 26, 2008, Is secrecy a major structural defect in buyer protection? by Bob Aaron, Toronto Star
Feb. 21, 2008 – Soggy condo owners face $10M repair bill by Joel Kom, Calgary Herald
Apr. 12, 2008 – Beware if you’re purchasing new to flip by Bob Aaron, The Toronto Star
Apr. 18, 2008 – Gatineau knew land unstable:  Councillor
Apr. 22, 2008 – Mike Holmes has gone green by John Mackle, The Vancouver Sun

Apr. 23, 2008 – Gatineau offers $70,000 per condemned house – however, owners must agree not to sue city in exchange for cash
May 15, 2008 Why China’s buildings crumbled by Geoffrey York from the Globe and Mail
Sept. 14, 2008, Toronto Sun – New Homes Warranty Act is no guarantee


Tips on how to avoid buying a leaky condo by John Grasty, Western Living Condo, Fall/Winter, 2007
Nov. 24, 2007, Excessive costs cheapen justice, Toronto Star
Aug. 24, 2007, Tri-City News (BC) Letter to the Editor – Buyer Beware, by John Grasty
Aug. 21, 2007, Business Week, Foreclosure’s Building Problem – Is shoddy home construction exacerbating the foreclosure crisis….? by Maya Roney
July 23, 2007, Globe and Mail, $25 million fire calls building codes into question by David Ebner
June 16, 2007, Warranty plan could be election issue, by Bob Aaron, Toronto Star
June 16, 2007, Behind the Tarion shield, by Gail Swainson, Toronto Star
June 16, 2007, More right than wrong with program, by Bob Finnigan, Toronto Star
June 6, 2007 Toronto Star, Tarion Warranty Corporation – Advocate named to protect new home buyers by Robert Benzie
May 24, 2007 The Hamilton Spectator – No permit, no building. Period by Lee Prokaska
May 22 and May 23, 2007 letters to the editor published in the Toronto Star relating to Bob Aaron’s May 19, 2007 column
May 19, 2007, Tarion Warranty fails to protect consumers, Toronto Star, by Bob Aaron
May 14, 2007 Ontario government takes aim at underground economy in construction by the Canadian Press
May 3, 2007, Letter to the Editor, Toronto Star, CMHC should rate home builders
Mar. 23, 2007, Advocacy group seeks increased protection for new-home buyers, by Carolyn Leitch, Globe and Mail
March 22, 2007:  Toronto Star published Letters to the Editor related to Bob Aaron’s Mar. 17, 2007 Toronto Star column
Mar. 17, 2007, Advocacy group dissatisfied with Tarion. However, minister indicates that improvements to warranty program are unlikely… owned by Tarion Warranty Corporation, by Bob Aaron, Toronto Star
March 9, 2007, Top judge sounds alarm on trial delays, by Kirk Makin, Globe and Mail
Feb. 26, 2007, Ottawa man says he will sue developer and the City of Ottawa, by Julie Ireton, CBC –
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Feb. 17, 2007 – Warranty does not eliminate client’s rights – primary purpose of Tarion is to administer Ontario New Home Warranties Plan, by Bob Aaron, Toronto Star
Feb. 10, 2007 – Buyers protected – Court backs purchasers in delayed closings, by Bob Aaron, Toronto Star
Jan. 7, 2007 – Energy Primer – Be Direct and Don’t Back Down, by Kathryn Young, Ottawa Citizen