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Alan Greenberg

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Alan Greenberg


Alan Greenberg co-founded Canadians for Properly Built Homes (CPBH) with his wife, Dr. Karen Somerville in 2004. Victims of purchasing a seriously and fundamentally flawed new home in Ottawa (e.g., more than 50 confirmed Ontario Building Code violations), they quickly realized the need for much greater consumer protection relating to new home purchases. In speaking with other new home owners across Canada, and in the United States, they discovered that many other new home owners were facing similar problems, which is why they founded CPBH.

Alan worked in the high technology sector for more than 35 years, holding positions with a number of large corporations including Sun Microsystems, Digital Equipment Corporation, and Computing Devices Canada.  Alan’s professional experience includes management, client service, and sales.

As a community volunteer, Alan has held a number of diverse roles, e.g., he has worked for Corrections Canada mentoring under-age offenders, fundraised for the United Way-Centraide of Ottawa-Carleton, and helped to organize a Neighbourhood Watch Program.  He also worked as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity building homes for nine years.

Having learned first-hand the devastation that a poorly built home can cause for a family, Alan is keen to work to ensure that no other homeowners in Canada ever have to go through this experience, which is why he is so firmly committed to Canadians for Properly Built Homes.