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Mental Health: What you should know

Building Code Violations and Mental Health: What you should know

CPBH regularly hears from newly built home buyers who are fighting long battles with their builder/warranty provider as they try to get their Code violations properly repaired. These battles often take many years to get resolved, frequently beyond five years. Code violations may sometimes never get resolved with the builder/warranty provider.

As these battles drag on, stress and anxiety can run very high for homeowners, sometimes in the extreme. They have often put their life’s savings into the downpayment and are living in a home they can neither fix nor sell while battling with uncooperative parties. The Building Code is a minimal standard based on the health and safety of occupants. All violations are serious, according to a Chief Building Official.

Ongoing problems can contribute to great tension within the homeowners’ family. Homeowners have said this persistent malaise is a direct result of the Code violations and the unwillingness of builders and warranty providers to address the problems. Sadly, we have heard about relationship breakdowns and divorces related to these problems.

CPBH has heard from many homeowners over the years who are suffering depression because of the protracted battle over code violations. Tragically, some homeowners have told CPBH that they have considered suicide over these issues.

CPBH provides tips to homeowners about ways to get Code violations repaired. For mental health matters, CPBH always suggests that homeowners seek advice from appropriate medical professionals.