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Greg Rheaume

Greg Rheaume

Home Inspector

Greg Rheaume is the Founder and Director of HOME INSPECT SOLUTIONS INC since 2012. He was introduced to the residential construction sector at the age of eight when assisting in the construction of a cottage. His vast working knowledge and experience includes but is not limited to: the drafting of plot and building plans; applying for building permits and executing said work while passing building inspections; basic surveying for excavation and drainage plans; building footing forms, erecting foundations; rough framing, installation of both rough DWV and supply plumbing; both new and retro weeping tile; various insulation installs (foam board, blown, batt, spray-foam, etc); installation of both new and retro electrical service and branch wiring and sub panels; various finishing projects including drywall, mud, tape, prime and paint including complete casing and baseboard, various floor covering installs (hardwood, laminate, carpet, porcelain, etc); complete installations of natural gas furnace with cold air, heat plenum with take-offs and A/C condenser and coil including both black pipe and gas-tite gas lines; natural gas freestanding direct vent fireplaces; hydronic combi-boiler installation, heat loss calculations, complete roof installation using various roof coverings (3-tab, metal, roll-flat, etc) with appropriate ventilations requirements; installation of both new and retro windows and doors, soffit, fascia and eaves-trough; Complete basement, bathroom and kitchen renovations; erection of new garages and additions; various simple and complex decks and lastly, various complete and comprehensive dwelling repurpose restorations.

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Rheaume has gained vital experience buying, selling, repurposing investment properties including multi unit dwellings. His two decades of experience is highly beneficial to his clients’ needs and expectations. His experience has provided him with a virtual understanding regarding the lack of attention the home inspection sector has toward client needs, transparency and consumer protection. For this reason, Mr. Rheaume is dedicating his time and expertise to better inform his clients so they can make an informed, unbiased and educated decision.

Mr. Rheaume’s working knowledge and experience is directly related to:

  • Ontario Building Code (OBC)
  • Ontario Plumbing Code (OPC)
  • National Framing Code (NFC)
  • Electrical Safety Code (ESC/ESA)
  • Ontario Fire Code/ Fire Prevention Act
  • Real Estate Business Broker Act (REBBA)
  • Residential Tenancies Act
  • Title Insurance/ Order of Compliance
  • Record of Site Condition (Brownsfield regulations)/ Environmental Protection Act
  • Air Quality testing
  • Municipal by-laws

Mr. Rheaume is the recipient of the Gerry Belmont award for his ongoing annual dedication to professional development in the home inspection sector.

He works closely with a First Nation community to ensure their housing initiative is at par with building code standards to ensure occupant safety and building envelope sustainability.

Lastly, he is a Certified Master Inspector, Canadian Certified Home Inspector, Certified Commercial Property Inspector certified in thermography and advanced air quality testing certified.