Working for Healthy, Safe, Durable, Energy Efficient Housing for Canadians since 2004

John Grasty

John Grasty


John is known throughout Metro Vancouver for his leadership and continuing advocacy on behalf of homeowners. He co-founded the Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners in 1999 and was a Past President of the Consumer Advocacy and Support for Homeowners Society before its dissolution in 2011.

John followed the global adoption of modernized quality management principles from the 80’s and 90’s in particular, across industry. He points to the continued failure of homebuilders to consistently meet the minimum standards of an archaic Building Code, which has yet to arrive in the 21st century. “The so-called standards being used haven’t met the quality expectations of consumers for decades; they’re totally unacceptable,” John states, adding, “This systemic failure is one reason why we still need home warranty insurance programs in Canada today”.

John’s lifelong pastime has been volunteering, and since moving to BC in 1989 he has remained active in the community, currently being appointed to the Transportation Committee for the City of Port Moody, where he has also served on Economic Development; Centennial Steering, Arts and Culture, and more.

As a volunteer, and being in the real estate profession since 2006, John remains closely in touch with his surrounding community. Speaking with many people every day he understands what’s good for clients is good for business, so John takes a keen interest in housing related issues that affect people.